Attorney Gary R. Parvin focuses on helping people win Social Security and SSI disability claims. Mr. Parvin has been in the practice of law since 1969. Gary Parvin handles cases at all levels of application and review, from initial applications through federal court actions. He has represented disability claimants all the way up to United States Supreme Court.

You're invited to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for a free consultation to discuss your claim for benefits. We have shown thousands of disabled persons how to win their Social Security and SSI claims, and look forward to helping you with your case. We handle cases anywhere in Mississippi and are physically located in Mississippi. Mr. Parvin is also available to do free lectures or in-service trainings, on topics of Social Security disability law — how it affects you, your group, your clients or your organization.

"We protect your rights at every stage of your claim and support you through this difficult process ... until you realize self-reliance once again." - Gary Parvin